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baltimore county police officers on the scene as they began their investigation into this. what they're telling us at this hour was that the police officer was guarding a prisoner there inside the emergency room who needed some sort of medical treatment. there was a strug thal began when a person who worked at the hospital notice the presser in had hidden some sort of a -- prisoner had hidden some sort of a needle. the suspect grabbed that medical staff earnings started to -- person, started to fight. there was a struggle between the officer and the prisoner. the officer's weapon discharged into the wall. investigators are responding. the good news is when that weapon discharged, there were no injuries. it certainly would be a crowded
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place to be. with that struggle, the gunshot, pepper spray being used, certainly a chaotic speafnlt county police remain on the scene to piece together what happened. a gunshot inside the medical department at the university of maryland medical center. live in baltimore county, christian schaffer. there -- a crash claimed the life of a woman who was dedicated to treating people with cancer. >> reporter: the woman who died in the three vehicle crash was a medical physicist who's -- whose work was dealing with potentially deadly illnesses. the crushed metal, shattered glass and crumpled air bag shows the force of the crash on a
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stretch of route 140 at the carroll, baltimore county line. investigators are still trying to determine why william mark layer crossed the center line into the path of an on coming toyota corolla. >> he struck that car, sent it into the path of another which struck her vehicle and ended up on the driver's side. she was pronounced dead at the scene. >> reporter: the victim had forged a career working on saving lives at the cancer center. radiologist on col just dr. david salinger, said she was a vital member of his team. >> really starting out in her career, and her career was helping to save lives.
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she's a vital part of the whole treatment program with radiation therapy, really the technical backbone. >> reporter: she balanced her commitment to work with being mother of a 2-year-old. she also has an extended family in india. >> she touched everone in a very good way. >> reporter: the driver of the truck that caused the accident suffered non-life-threatening injuries. no crashes have been filed. the collision happened at 5:15 last night. anyone who witnessed the crime is asked to call 410-386-3000. jeff hager, abc2 news. state police are investigating another deadly
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crash, and nancy jane panko went off the road and her car overturned. 25 was shut down for about two hours. we have a dramatic rescue. the joppa magnolia fire company rescued a person after the car went off the road. firefighters used a hook and ladder to lift the 21-year-old out of the ravine. he was then flown to shock trauma. then this story. we have a stolen ambulance and a dramatic police chase. this man, juan williams is behind bamplets police said williams went to the hospital in delaware yesterday. he needed a ride home, so he stole the ambulance. williams was spotted driving crazy toward the bay bridge. troopers were waiting for him right here the outlets in queen
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anne's county. he drove into a busy park ride. he hid -- hit a parked car. now to an update on some breaking news. a baltimore mother is charged with murder in the death of her 2-year-old son. nicole fitzgerald is also charged with child abuse, assault and reckless endangerment. her son was found dead inside the house on sunday. police say the boy died from a stab wound to his neck. fitzgerald was also in the hospital with cuts to her neck. weather wise today, obviously, a big change in the air. we had showers overnight. skies clearing off nicely. look at the winds coming in out of the north and west, howling a
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bit. gusts 20, 25. mid-40s now. we fall through the 40s. it gets much colder overnight and freeze by dawn tomorrow. we'll talk about that and how the temperatures will change yet again for the weekend. we're all talking about this shocking new york subway death. a newspaper pub licked the photo of the victim seconds before the on coming train killed him. it's raising some very ethical questions tonight. >> reporter: it's the front page photo causing a storm of controversy. take a look at the new york post's cover. that's a man terrified, desperately scrambling to get back to the plat foamplet the headline tells you what happened next. months earlier this new york city subway surveillance video showed how to happened. he and another man are seen arguing before the other man
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pushes him to the tracks. watching it happen, this photographer, rather than help, he snapped nearly 50 photos on his camera. he said it was his way of trying to get the subway conductor's attention. >> took mow a second to figure out what was happening. i sought lights in the distance of the approaching train. the only thing i could think of at that time was to alert the driver with my camera flash. >> reporter: that didn't get the motor man to flash and the post was criticized. twitter is calling the decision horrifying, despicable. imagine how this man's family feels. we spoke to the pr company that represents the new york post. so far, no statement has been pished -- issued.
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as for the suspect, he has been arrested and charged. senators barbara mikulski and cardin are expected to speak at at committee on homeland security. mikulski is calling for aid to the eastern shore still suffering from the storm. >> people in queens, new york, still covering from the devastation of sandy. many are upset with the city for handing out property violations. one family got it 11 days after the tree lnlded on -- landed on their home. they said it's a city tree and waiting for the city to re move it. >> it was over two weeks for
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someone to move f but to be slapped with a violation. >> the department said the citation will plan but they said they will continue to fight them. state lawmakers are calling on the department just it get rid of them. throw out these violations. all right. it is a tradition right here at abc2. the annual kindertime toy drive. >> it's your chance to brighten the holiday for a cloild in need. you have quite a cast of characters with you, wyatt? >> it's kindertime again. anna is with the honey go village center in perry hall. there are many shops and vendors there. >> we're very excited to be involved with the toy drive. we have a bunch of merchants who
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are collecting toys this year. those who are accepting toys will be marked. >> a great place for people to come by and drop off their toy. now, sue, talk about how you're getting involved? >> our office was looking for something to do to contribute to a needy family this year. then i got an email from john that they're being involved in the toy dry. i thought what a great thing to do. we put a box in my office. i'm with home selling assistance realty. we have a box there. you can come by and bring an up wrapped toy. i'm real happy to be apart of it. >> at abc2 we're excited to have all of you involved.
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there's the information on the screen. you can also go to web been -- drive. 14 years we have been doing this. so happy to have you involved. let's do it. let's fill the lobby up. let's fill up the village center at honey g sell le -- honey go. celebree learning centers. it's about honoring fallen firefighters and police officers at the same time. we'll keep this going through the news and the next two weeks. you have until the 18th. that's key. >> thank you so much, sir. all right. listen. how are we going to stop rg3. that's the big question. ray lewis -- now watch ray rice. here he comes.
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watch. come on, ray. there it is. >> he's got the moves. >> the hart of the ravens won't play until payton comes in. they need to blitz them. should the ravens win or con feign griffin. he said that's a good question. new research find as popular breast cancer drug could be more effective. how the drug should be used to increase the rates of survival. >> an innocent girl is stuck in the center of a custody battle. >> and they're speaking about what they want out of school. we'll tack you inside today's townhall meeting between the baltimore students and the superintendent.
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you see some of these kids that really would not get a toy were it not for this event. pete, thank you my frefnltd we'll be out here all evening. it's about filling up our lobly and hour sponsor's lobby.
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we'll be back with more.
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picks up abnormalities not seen in the crow mow sewn analysis -- chromosone analysis. >> it helps them with playing. >> doctors say both tests are helpful but in the future, microarray analysis could be the gold standard. could the rise in food allergies have something to do with that tap water? researchers say the chemical can weaken food tolerance in some people, leading to a possible food allergy. pure fying your water probably won't hurt either. to get the news anytime you
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want, go to health. hey, temperature wise, temperatures are really, really prominent. 51 right now at bri. winds are northwest at 15. temperatures are dropping. we'll be in the 40s quickly at the airport. i want to show you some of the weathers it unfolded through the day. the clouds were thick. then the sunshine comes out as the frontal boundary pushed off to the east. the cold wind. look at that chop on the so -- severn river. that will be the case tomorrow and friday, a lot of 40s on the
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map, none of these near 70s. northwesterly wind. that continues to bring the chill. look at some of the peak wind gusts. over 22 miles an hour in baltimore. 23 in wilmington. still pretty blustery as the wind chill factor drops into the mid-40s. you can see hour by hour down into the mid-30s by midnight. we're looking at a frost in the morning. temperatures will be slow to warm up. the front continues to push offshore. the last showers are out of here by mid-morning. as we take a look west, we can see nothing but clear air. sunny, bright, but a chill in the air. as we go beyond thursday into friday, a little bit of a disturbance developing over ohio. we'll see what happens as we go into saturday and sunday. a new front, a warm front pushes up out of the front.
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warmer air will begin to try to make a move into the area. the chill hangs tough tomorrow. this holds tough on friday. once we go beyond friday, some of this milder air will make a push back. looks like the big game at fedex, redskins, ravens, that could be mild, temperatures close to 60. to the west, dry, some snow over the great lakes. none of that for us. so here we go. overnight down to 29 or so by daybreak. clear and cold and breezy. 45 for your two-degree guarantee. the next few days temperatures will get back close to 50 on friday. there's that milder air pushing in for the weekend, temperatures in the low 60s. we got a new cold front toward the middle of next week. that will drop us back down into the mid-40s. so far for december even when you throw in these types of cold
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fronts, it hasn't been a brutal month. typically if you enjoy a few weeks like this, you're going to pay for it. we'll see what happens. it's strange when it falls as the day goes on. this story is just -- we have a little girl in the middle of a custody battle. on one side the biological father and the other her step parent. while he was stationed in south carolina two years ago his ex-wife tear a bland was giving birth in utah. he had no clue. he was never told he was going to be a dad or that his baby girl had been put up for adoption. >> he has a right -- she has a right to be with her father. >> the ex-wife intentionally gave the adoption agency the
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wrong information. >> the judge ordered them to give the child back within 60 days. they're not budging, though. as for the little girl, she will be turning two in march. third grade, a crucial year for students, especially when it comes to learning how to read. >> what the mayor will do to help students. >> a agenda jazz mew -- legendary jazz musician is no longer with hus.
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cameras were rolling. it was caught on video. police say the robber was
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wearing a ball cap and he demand all the money from the register while holding the blai.d the robber ran away. a police officer was able to track him down. no one was hurt. rescue crews responded to a deadly accident. three workers were cleaning the tank. one of the workers fell. >> there was plenty of transparency but not from the go. a group of protesters in the audience took off their clothes after the town passed the ban on public nudity. there's already a ban on nudity at city hall, but the new law takes effect in february. >> a different type of flash mob. all right. coming up, a special day for baltimore county high school
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students. >> they got the chance to ask the superintendent some tough questions regardinger that future. a look at what's on the minds of our teens. >> plus, a royal prank has the hospital apologizing. who posed as the queen to get information on kate middleton's pregnancy. >> decking the halls. how to get through the holidays without getting hurt.
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it's kindertime again. you're number 14. >> i get biggest kick out of this toy drive. i'm loving that next day floor is involved. >> just to bring the smiles to kids' faces is awesome. >> it's really about helping the kids. where could steve be? >> anywhere. >> steve, you're here. >> once again, we're here. someone tried to get rid of me once. >> that's wrong. again, sheryl, steve. we don't have that many toys, so we want to get those turned in here.
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a woman was hit after a man crossed the center line and slammed into the toyota corolla. no charges have been filed but the crash is still under investigation. >> charges have been filed against the baltimore mother accused of killing her 2-year-old son. nicole fitzgerald has been charged with murder. her son was found

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